We need to get better at technology

This Substack is guided by two spirit quotes, both now famous:

“The problem with humanity is that we have Paleolithic emotions, medieval institutions, and godlike technology.” - E.O. Wilson

"We are as gods and might as well get good at it" - Stewart Brand

In other words, the power of our technology is now so incredible and so far-reaching that it has become practically godlike, and unless we can figure out how to steward that power wisely, nothing else is going to matter.

This Substack will focus on one simple question: How do we get good at godlike technology?

Our thesis is that there is a right relationship to be found between nature, humanity, and technology. At its best, technology should align with the broader patterns of life, while still being in service to human flourishing.

Our hope is to explore new ways of thinking that can inform philosophies, guide real-world practices, and inspire future visions.

If, like us, you still dare to believe in the promise of technology, then our hope is that you will join us. Let’s figure out how to get better at technology.

Call for interest

We are actively fielding interest for philanthropic and practical pursuits around this theme. If you are interested in adding your thoughts or resources, please reach out!

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Getting good at technology


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